Managing the Weight Gain from Bipolar Medications

seroquel weight gainManaging the Weight Gain from Bipolar Medications

I have previously discussed the various seroquel side effects. In this post I want to go into more detail about one of the most important ones. Perhaps the number 1 unwanted effect associated with bipolar medications, that the majority of people dislike the most, is definitely gaining weight. Virtually every successful medication for treating bipolar disorder includes putting on weight as a side effect. For example, Zyprexa is categorized as having the risk of large weight gain; Depakote or Seroquel possess a risk of substantial weight gain; Lamicatal, Tegretol, and Abilify appear to be weight neutral.

The truth is that all of us react in different ways to the numerous mood stabilizers and various other drugs, and several people will not ever gain a pound.  In case you are unsatisfied with your present bodyweight, you really should find out if your weight increase started concurrently with consuming the drugs. When the response is “yes” then most likely your medicine is the reason for your weight increase.

You shouldn’t be worried to debate with your physician the available drug choices. Because there is a selection of available options, it is quite sensible of you to inquire about one which has got fewer side effects and will not weaken your overall wellness.

Weight Management

Research has shown that weight management is an important problem for the bipolar patients, with 35% of them being obese. This is actually the largest percentage of just about any mental illness. Therefore, following a healthy diet program to support the conventional treatment options such as medications and also therapies is definitely crucial. A diet plan for bpd describes a selection of foods that help in improving your signs and symptoms of the illness, which is primarily recognized by shifts in mood, energy as well as activity levels.seroquel weight gain

Recommended Foods

The bipolar patient ought to concentrate on eating meals full of vitamins and nutrients. These food types consist of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grain products, legumes, lean meats (poultry), eggs, cold water fish, low-fat dairy products, soya products, seeds, and also nuts.

Wholegrain breads, wild rice, whole grain products, popcorn, barley and also oats are among the healthy supplies of complex carbohydrates and therefore are ideal for being included in the bpd diet plan.

Make sure that your bipolar diet program includes ample quantities of proteins via sources such as fish as well as lean meats. Try to eat fish at least 2 times each week; pick a fish like tuna fish, trout, salmon, mackerel or perhaps herring.

Stay clear of sweet cereal products, candies, white breads, as well as caffeine containing drinks.  In addition, your bipolar diet ought to stay clear of high-fat foods, since these will delay the time it requires for drugs to take effect. Furthermore, refrain from red meats, saturated fats and trans fats, as well as simple carbs.

The problems regarding bodyweight and bipolar disorder are generally complicated as well as interrelated. Therefore, always make time to seek advice from your doctor regarding what foods to incorporate in your bipolar diet plan.

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