List of Seroquel Side Effects

side effects of seroquelList of Seroquel Side Effects

As previously discussed I want to give you a list of the potential Seroquel side effects. They are very wide ranging and I will go into more detail about the most significant side effects in future posts. What is important is that in case indications of Seroquel side effects are showing up, you must instantly consult with your doctor.

Severe Side Effects

Seroquel side effects that need to be promptly reported are indications of diabetes or an increased risk thereof, massive or even fast weight gain, and also thoughts of suicide, dizziness or perhaps even fainting whenever coming from a sitting or lying position to a standing up position, unusual muscle motions (e.g. twitches), as well as any indications of neuroleptic malignant syndrome. This syndrome is observed as a fever and also muscle stiffness.

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, tardive dyskinesia (uncontrollable movements), and also childbirth defects are among the more severe Seroquel side effects. Diabetes and additionally an increase in weight can result in severe health problems for many individuals. It has to be mentioned that other “atypical antipsychotic” medicines likewise result in an elevated potential risk of diabetes; however, the greatest diabetes risk is assigned to Seroquel.

The drug maker AstraZeneca revealed unwanted effects such as digestive issues including stomach upset or pain (dyspepsia), dizziness, as well as sleepiness. Additional Seroquel side effects can be constipation, drowsiness, dry mouth, greater thirst, as well as frequent peeing.

Control Side Effects with Amount of Dosagepossible seroquel side effects

Some of the Seroquel side effects like gaining weight, drowsiness, erectile dysfunction as well as constipation may often be tackled through altering the actual dosage of your medicine, changing antipsychotic drugs, or maybe getting an extra medicine to deal with the side effect.

The most widespread unwanted effects are usually constipation, drowsiness or dizziness, dry mouth, nausea or vomiting, runny nose and also stomach pain.

Linked to the diabetic issues or pre-conditions of the actual diabetes are elevated blood sugar levels or glucose levels (hyperglycemia) in addition to higher levels of cholesterol.

Additionally, there are several Seroquel side effects which influence your cardiovascular system, for instance low blood pressure levels as well as fast or irregular heart rhythm (palpitations). New research indicates a heightened chance of blood clots.

Insomnia generally is one of the annoying negative effects as soon as you are withdrawing from Seroquel.

Anti-psychotic medicines when applied over time might cause gentle to extreme long lasting negative effects which usually show up in many different painful problems. Health care organizations have advised that doctors who are prescribing Seroquel can easily reduce the potential of serious Seroquel side effects by diligently screening the sufferer. There are several Seroquel side effects which can be conveniently dealt with, but it is always important that you seek advice from your doctor as soon as you believe that you are experiencing any problems that could be linked to taking Seroquel.

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