6 Important Points About Bipolar Disorder

Mental health organizations estimate that over 2 million people are clinically determined to have bipolar disorder. This condition is also referred to as manic-depression and it basically is a chemical imbalance inside the brain which triggers severe changes in moods from manic peaks to agonizing lows. Even though a medical diagnosis of bipolar disorder is usually terrifying and puzzling, it’s actually a manageable and treatable problem.

 bipolar disorder


In case you or somebody dear to you has been told to have bipolar disorder, the first thing in reducing worry as well as uncertainty is knowledge. The more knowledge you have about the illness, the less power it will have over you and other people who might be affected.


The National Institute of Mental Health, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Mental Health America are only 3 of the acknowledged countrywide institutions supplying information, details as well as assistance to any person who is directly or indirectly impacted by bipolar disorder.


Here are a few important details about bipolar disorder; they might relieve a few of your concerns as well as questions associated with a recent medical diagnosis.


1. Bipolar disorder impacts lots of people.


As per the National Alliance on Mental Illness bipolar disorder impacts around 1.2 % of the population or 2.3 million people every year.


2. Bipolar sickness is without any cure.


To date, there is no recognized cure for bipolar disorder; nonetheless, it’s really a treatable and controllable disease. Having a close relationship with a psychological health expert, a correct diagnosis, and also meticulously adhering to the prescribed drugs and following the treatment programs, are cornerstones that allow most people with bipolar disorder to lead very productive as well as satisfying lives.


3. Bipolar disorder has an effect on both genders in kids and adults.


Manic depression just isn’t picky about who it hits. Men and women are equally impacted, as are kids and teenagers. A diagnosis in kids and teenagers is much more challenging to establish. A majority of people diagnosed with bpd have at least one member of the family with the condition. Kids of parents with the condition are more prone to develop it themselves.


4. Bipolar disorder has successful therapy methods.


Bipolar disorder is addressed with prescription drugs known as mood stabilizers to help in controlling the mood fluctuations. The biggest thing to comprehend about bipolar sickness is that it is a life-long, repeating sickness needing continuing treatment. Along with drugs, psychotherapy is usually prescribed for treating the condition. Psychotherapy helps folks to comprehend their sickness and to build problem management skills to cope with life situations and stressors that will induce manic and depressive periods.


5. Bipolar sickness has numerous possible causes.


There does not seem to be one single source of bipolar disorder. Research signifies that numerous elements can come into play. They have in common that they influence the chemical equilibrium of particular areas of the brain. A number of scientific studies regarding the incidence of bipolar disorder in families show a hereditary disposition towards the condition. Other causes could include extremely traumatic life events, chronic sickness, alcohol addiction, and drug misuse.


6. Bipolar disorder possesses diverse symptoms.

symptoms of bipolar disorder

Probably the most noticeable symptoms of bpd are extraordinary mood swings comprising extremely “high” manic periods to devastating instances of depression and then back again with fairly regular moods in between. Behaviors throughout a manic period consist of increased emotions of euphoria, excessive energy, reduced need for sleep, extraordinary irritability as well as distractibility, and also greater aggression. Depressive periods produce extreme emotions of despair, hopelessness, worthlessness, sense of guilt, and in some cases thoughts of committing suicide.



These are only some of the facts concerning bipolar disorder. It is far from being a simple condition; nevertheless it is controllable and treatable. Should you or somebody you know have received a bipolar disorder diagnosis, don’t be afraid to look for information and assistance. Any of the above-mentioned institutions can provide you with education, suggestions, and support. Acquiring expertise about the sickness is just one of your very first steps in relieving the uncertainty and anxiety of coping with this kind of diagnosis.

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