Seroquel Side Effects – An Introduction

seroquel side effectsSeroquel Side Effects – An Introduction

Seroquel is actually a neuroleptic suggested for the management of bipolar disorder and just as well as like the majority of medications features a number of unwanted side effects. When doing the research for this article, I found it interesting that there are very diverse views about the severeness of Seroquel side effects. The comments range from minor side effects to very severe! See yourself for some of the comments I found:


•           Seroquel side effects can be possible, but a majority of affected individuals encounter minimal to no adverse reactions whilst using this medication for treatment of bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia.


•           The prescription drug Seroquel comes with several negative effects, and even though several problems might be minimal, beginning with drowsiness and an upset stomach, a number of the unwanted side effects could certainly end up being dangerous and perhaps life-threatening.

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•           While Seroquel side effects could be significant, a lot of affected individuals would rather stick to the medication unless of course they start to display indications of negative effects and after that slowly but surely change to a medicine having reduced likelihood of complications.


•           Although Seroquel usage has shown to be an efficient drug treatment method for individuals struggling with numerous mental problems and associated conditions, the atypical antipsychotic has been associated with the creation of numerous severe side effects.


•           AstraZeneca, Britain’s second-largest pharmaceutical company, confronts an overall of 26,000 legal cases claiming numerous Seroquel side effects, including birth defects.


Some of the most frequent side effects that I found in my research are diabetes, weight gain, drowsiness, and insomnia. I will put up a more comprehensive list of the many side effects in another post on this site. I think it is important for anyone on this drug to know about the many possible side effects to determine any further steps if any of these conditions are experienced. If someone thinks that any kind of medical issues could be brought on by using Seroquel, it’s going to be imperative to consult your doctor immediately. Recognizing the actual warning signs of serious negative side effects in early stages can assist to reduce the possible health damages. Unwanted side effects can be frequently resolved simply by altering the actual dosage of the medication, changing antipsychotic drugs, or perhaps getting an extra drug to deal with the side effect.

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